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Our team’s commitment to client satisfaction through safety, service, integrity, and teamwork is truly what makes our service a unique experience for all involved.

Our team has over a decade of experience and has worked with hundreds of residential and commercial property owners to install Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.  The team has specialized training and is actively involved in the Electric Vehicle community, both provincially and nationally.

The Province of British Columbia will introduce legislation in 2019, to phase in targets for the sale of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). This legislation will set targets of 10% ZEV sales by 2025, 30% by 2030, and 100% by 2040. This is an exciting time for electric transportation in our province, and as electric vehicle adoption rates rise, so does the need for a robust charging network for electric vehicle drivers.



Certifications and Professional Memberships

Tesla Energy Certified Installer

Canadian Red Seal Certified Electricians

CSA Solar Photovoltaics NOC 7241 Technicians

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program Certified

BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member

Technical Safety BC Field Safety Representative

BC Tesla Owners Club Member

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association Board Member

Condominium Home Owners Association of BC Member

Electric Mobility Canada Member

West Coast Electric Fleets Implementation Partners



Cielo Electric - BC Hydro PowerSmart Alliance Member
Cielo Electric - CSA certified solar photovoltaic systems tech
Cielo Electric - Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program
Cielo Electric - Red Seal Electrician
Cielo Electric - West Coast Electric Fleet Implementation Diamond Partner
Cielo Electric - Electric Mobility Canada Member
Cielo Electric - Technical Safety BC Representative

Why Our Customers Choose Us

We are experienced and knowledgeable in what we do.

We take pride in prioritizing safety and quality work.

We are responsive to customer inquiries, concerns and feedback.

We have extensive experience with the Provincial Charging Solution and Incentive program for single residential, commercial and strata properties.

Our team is actively involved in the Electric Vehicle community, working alongside stakeholders to develop programs and policies in local and provincial government.

Latest Updates

1 day ago
BMW Installs 100 EV Charging Stations at U.S. National Parks

Next time you visit Yogi and Boo-boo at Jellystone, you can plug in your EV before heading out on a ... See more

Automaker BMW donated 100 electric vehicle charging stations in and near some of the country’s most popular national parks. BMW announced yesterday that more than 90 of the charging stations have ... See more

2 days ago
VW I.D. R smashes the Nurburgring Electric Vehicle Record | Fully Charged

The on board camera footage from this ID-R record breaking session is madness! This car is kicking butts and taking names on so many of the worlds major courses.
Watch on:

Volkswagen Motorsport offered Jonny and videographer Mark exclusive access to the VW I.D. R's testing and electric vehicle record breaking attempt at the Nur...

3 days ago
Anheuser-Busch 'signs' giant contract with the sun

An incredible move by Anheuser-Busch! "The single deal is enough to cover 50 percent of the electricity consumption of the company’s U.S. operations." which is a massive costs savings for the ... See more

The beverage giant announced that it's set to meet its renewable energy goals four years ahead of schedule, thanks to solar.

3 days ago
Honda e First Drive | Fully Charged

The Honda e looks cute as! I really hope these come to North America!

When Robert Llewellyn was given an early test drive of a Honda e electric car in Frankfurt, Germany, he jumped at the chance. The only drawback, very very li...

4 days ago
All new flat skateboard platform reinvents how electric vehicles are made | The Driven

Another take on the modular EV design. Really, the skateboard platform was something that Tesla started with the Model S so I am not sure how these guys are exactly "reinventing the wheel" but ... See more

A potentially revolutionary flat skateboard platform could change the way carmakers approach electric vehicle manufacture.

4 days ago
Hyundai, all charged up, looks to drive in affordable electric vehicles to India

Hyundai thinks that India is the next huge market for EVs and transportation electrification.


#electrification #evs #evcharging #electicvehicles

Hyundai plans to set up an entire ecosystem for its mass market EV in India.The Kona, which Hyundai claims can run up to 452km on a single charge, is assembled from parts imported from South Korea

5 days ago
Timeline Photos

This customer opted to have his Tesla Wall Connector installed on an exterior wall, with a 24 foot cable to reach his brand new vehicle, whether it is parked in the garage or in the driveway.

Did ... See more

1 week ago
Ducati MIG-RR Electric Mountain Bike. Warning, It Has Pedals!

Not really about Electric Cars... but this is a surprising move by Ducati into the electric bike sector (not just a gimmick)

#ebikes #electricvehicle #shimano

Master of 2 wheels Chris Northover takes a look at the latest bike from Ducati, the MIG-RR Electric Mountain Bike.

1 week ago
Tiny Electric Three-Wheeler Is Drawing More Fans on Wall Street

Another positive take on the Meccanica SOLO! This little car is getting noticed worldwide!

Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp., the maker of a tiny three-wheeled electric car, saw its shares surge in early trading Tuesday as another Wall Street analyst added to bullish commentary.

1 week ago
Tesla Model 3 Breaks World EV Distance Record — 2,781 km (1,728 miles) Travelled In 24 Hours

The ability to accept 190kW charging really makes this possible. Being stuck with a 50kWh DCFC would have been tough! Cool test!


A Tesla Model 3 has travelled 2,781 km (1,728 miles) in 24 hours, breaking the 24 hour EV distance record. The new record was set by Bjørn Nyland and his co-pilots, on an autobahn in northern ... See more

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Changes in the Strata Property Act Needed to help EV Adoption.

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Good References for EV Life Cycle Analysis

In recent weeks, there has been a significant increase in the amount of anti-electric vehicle press. The articles focus negatively ...
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Change in BCUC regulations Great for EV Charging Infrastructure

Last week we received excellent news; an update about the inquiry into the regulation of Electric Vehicle Charging, currently under ...
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Solar Projects Shine in Hawaii

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Electric Vehicles: Good for Business Fleets

In 2017, Cielo Electric acquired a silver Chevrolet BOLT EV as our primary work/commuter vehicle. We are proud to be ...
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