Homeowner and Tenant Charging Checklist

from PluginBC

This document summarizes the 4 main steps you can follow to install an electric vehicle charger in your building. Each step includes a checklist that you can work through. Feel free to print out this checklist to help you track your process.

Ev Checklist for Homeowners-Tenants

Step 1: Do your research

Determine your electric vehicle charging needs, including…
❑ Type of charger
❑ Type of access (private or shared)
Investigate your building’s situation, including…
❑ Existing electric vehicle chargers
❑ The distance between your parking stall and an electrical room or an outlet
❑ If you might need to switch stalls with another owner (to get closer to an outlet/electrical room)
❑ If your building has visitor parking that could be used for charging
Reach out to others to identify…
❑ If your strata already has an electric vehicle policy
❑ If other peoplei n your building want electric vehicle charging
❑ If your strata or property manager has experience with charging
❑ Any potential electric vehicle “champions” on your strata council
❑ What you can learn from other electric vehicle owners’ experiences
If installing a charger looks feasible then…

Step 2: Make a formal request to your strata council

Submit a request in writing (and in person) that details:
❑ The charging options
❑ Suggested charger location (your stall, other homeowner’s stall, or visitor parking)
❑ Suggestion for how to manage and pay for electricity use
❑ Information on potential charging equipment and installaion costs
❑ The benefits to the strata corporation
Continue to engage your strata and provide further details, by…
❑ Connecting your strata with this website
❑ Addressing our strata council’s concerns and questions
❑ Connecting your strata with contractors that are knowledgeable about charging
If your strata is interested then…

Step 3: Get approval and make an agreement

Get approval
❑ Get approval from strata
❑ If required, get approval from homeowners at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting
Put the following into writing, including who will…
❑ Own the charger (for Level 2 only)
❑ Manage charger installation
❑ Pay for charger installation costs or electrical work
❑ Manage and pay for charger maintenance
❑ Pay for electricity costs and how
And finally you are ready to…

Step 4: Install the charger

❑ Work with your strata or strata manager to hire a certified electrical contractor