Strata Council and Property Manager Electric Vehicle Charging Checklist

From PluginBC

This document summarizes the 4 main steps you can follow to install an electric vehicle charger in your building. Each step includes a checklist that you can work through. Feel free to print out this checklist to help guide you. See our website for more explanation for each step.

Step 1: Understanding the charging options

Consider the details of the charger, including…
❑ Type of charger (Level 1 or Level 2)
❑ Planning for the present need or future demand (and how many chargers)
❑ Suggested location(s) of charger(s)
❑ Type of access (private or shared)
Consider the cost details, including…
❑ Payment for the charger and installations (strata, homeowner)
❑ Incentives available
❑ Electricity use (management and billing)

Step 2: Investigate your building’s situation

Assess your parking situation, including…
❑ Distance between the suggested charger location(s) and an electrical room or an outlet
❑ If parking stalls need to be reallocated (to get closer to an outlet/electrical room)
❑ If visitor parking can be used for charging
❑ Parking stall ownership and use (legal designation of stalls)
Hire a certified electrical contractor to assess…
❑ The cost and work needed to set up charging (e.g. coring, conduits, outlets)
❑ The building’s electrical capacity (to accommodate charging)
Review strata rules and bylaws, to determine…
❑ If there are existing bylaws or rules for electric vehicle or electric scooter charging
❑ If agreements can be made directly with owners
❑ What rules or bylaws need to be amended or created (if any)
❑ If homeowner approval is needed at the AGM


Step 3: Approval of the charging request

Consider the feasibility of charging, which depends on if:
❑ The building’s electrical system can accommodate charging
❑ Parking stalls can be allocated for charging
❑  The Costs to the strata are deemed acceptable (and within the budget)
Make a decision…
❑ Strata council votes to approve or deny charging
❑ If approval of homeowners is required, take request to AGM
If approved, put in writing who will…
❑ Own the charger (especially after an owner sells)
❑ Manage the charger installation
❑ Pay for charger, installation costs or electrical work
❑ Manage and pay for charger maintenance
❑ Pay for electricity costs and how

Building Strata Checklist for EV