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Our team’s commitment to client satisfaction through safety, service, integrity, and teamwork is truly what makes our service a unique experience for all involved.

Our team has over a decade of experience and has worked with hundreds of residential and commercial property owners to install Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.  The team has specialized training and is actively involved in the Electric Vehicle community, both provincially and nationally.

The Province of British Columbia will introduce legislation in 2019, to phase in targets for the sale of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). This legislation will set targets of 10% ZEV sales by 2025, 30% by 2030, and 100% by 2040. This is an exciting time for electric transportation in our province, and as electric vehicle adoption rates rise, so does the need for a robust charging network for electric vehicle drivers.



Certifications and Professional Memberships

Tesla Energy Certified Installer

Canadian Red Seal Certified Electricians

CSA Solar Photovoltaics NOC 7241 Technicians

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program Certified

BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member

Technical Safety BC Field Safety Representative

BC Tesla Owners Club Member

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association Board Member

Condominium Home Owners Association of BC Member

Electric Mobility Canada Member

West Coast Electric Fleets Implementation Partners



Cielo Electric - BC Hydro PowerSmart Alliance Member
Cielo Electric - CSA certified solar photovoltaic systems tech
Cielo Electric - Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program
Cielo Electric - Red Seal Electrician
Cielo Electric - West Coast Electric Fleet Implementation Diamond Partner
Cielo Electric - Electric Mobility Canada Member
Cielo Electric - Technical Safety BC Representative

Why Our Customers Choose Us

We are experienced and knowledgeable in what we do.

We take pride in prioritizing safety and quality work.

We are responsive to customer inquiries, concerns and feedback.

We have extensive experience with the Provincial Charging Solution and Incentive program for single residential, commercial and strata properties.

Our team is actively involved in the Electric Vehicle community, working alongside stakeholders to develop programs and policies in local and provincial government.

Latest Updates

7 hours ago
BMW releases teaser image of i4, its first electric car with over 300 miles of range - Electrek

BMW owners will appreciate the beautiful lines and appeal of the silhouette. So much better than the i3, although I kind of like the i3...

Check out the video here:


BMW is about to unveil its next electric vehicle, the BMW i4, at the Geneva Motor Show next month and it is releasing today the first teaser image for the car. After launching the BMW i3, the ... See more

1 day ago
Timeline Photos

The installation team is out at UBC today working on the installation of 4 L2 chargers in a condo building parkade.

If you are interested in setting up EV charging in your building or commercial ... See more

1 day ago
Tesla's Shanghai Model 3 Jumps Instantly To China's #1 Electric Vehicle By Production Volume

Thats pretty impressive, The Model 3 just started out and already leads EV production in China!


The Tesla Shanghai Model 3 jumped straight to the #1 spot in China's battery electric vehicle production charts in January, according to figures released by MIIT. The 2,625 units put the Model 3 some ... See more

2 days ago
Tesla Model 3 'rival' Volkswagen ID.3 is turning into a cautionary tale

More production trouble on the German front, starting from a scratch platform is difficult for VW.

There is a storm brewing in Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant, and it can very well make or break the career of CEO Herbert Diess, a strong proponent for the company’s transition to electric mobility. ... See more

3 days ago
The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is Probably Too Fast - One Take

One take Video featuring the Taycan Turbo S..... So Awesome!

Check out the best travel coffee maker ever! AeroPress Go https://aeropress.com/product/aeropress-go-travel-coffee-press/ Pre-order now and get free shipping...

4 days ago
Audi Pauses Electric-Car Production as Tesla Zooms Ahead

More coverage on Audi's battery supply chain issues, do you think this is a broader issue with the VW group?


Audi halted output of its E-Tron SUV to resolve production issues including battery-supply bottlenecks as it prepares to flank the model with a sportier variant, underscoring the struggles ... See more

5 days ago
EV Conversion and the Fully Charged Live 2020 experience

Did you go to Fully Charged Live?

EV Conversion and the Fully Charged Live 2020 experience. Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged Live in Austin, Texas just wrapped up, and the turn out was incred...

6 days ago
Japanese Tesla Model 3 Teardown Result: Tesla Is 6 Years Ahead!

"Tesla’s electronic platform is 6 years ahead of Toyota and VW" no surprise there. Toyota only recently caved on Apple Car Play and has been widely criticized about their dated onboard electronics ... See more

If only people understood, is what I keep saying to myself — understood how unbelievably far ahead Tesla is.

6 days ago
This Mining Truck Will Be the World's Largest Electric Vehicle

1,000 Kilowatt-hours of energy storage and majority of charging done by regenerative braking. This is heavy equipment!

The big boy breaks the scales at 290 tons.

1 week ago
Slow uptake for electric vehicles in Canada | CBC News

Nice piece from CBC on EV's and some great perspective and visuals from the Canadian International Autoshow

Despite being seen as the cars of the future, electric vehicles only make up for 3.5 per cent of cars sold in Canada. While consumers are concerned about the price and range, automotive companies ... See more

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