Cielo Electric and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are doing all we can to keep our customers and team members safe and healthy. While working on site our team members are practicing safe physical distancing, wearing masks and following recommendations from our Provincial health Officer. We are trying to limit our in person site inspections by conducting virtual inspections. We are also providing estimates by gathering information from our online quotation form located here.

Our team’s commitment to client satisfaction through safety, service, integrity, and teamwork is truly what makes our service a unique experience for all involved.



Certifications and Professional Memberships

Tesla Energy Certified Installer

Canadian Red Seal Certified Electricians

CSA Solar Photovoltaics NOC 7241 Technicians

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program Certified

BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member

Technical Safety BC Field Safety Representative

BC Tesla Owners Club Member

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association Board Member

Condominium Home Owners Association of BC Member

Electric Mobility Canada Member

West Coast Electric Fleets Implementation Partners



Cielo Electric - BC Hydro PowerSmart Alliance Member
Cielo Electric - CSA certified solar photovoltaic systems tech
Cielo Electric - Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program
Cielo Electric - Red Seal Electrician
Cielo Electric - West Coast Electric Fleet Implementation Diamond Partner
Cielo Electric - Electric Mobility Canada Member
Cielo Electric - Technical Safety BC Representative

Why Our Customers Choose Us

We are experienced and knowledgeable in what we do.

We take pride in prioritizing safety and quality work.

We are responsive to customer inquiries, concerns and feedback.

We have extensive experience with the Provincial Charging Solution and Incentive program for single residential, commercial and strata properties.

Our team is actively involved in the Electric Vehicle community, working alongside stakeholders to develop programs and policies in local and provincial government.

News and Monthly Blog Posts

18 hours ago

Polestar 2 Vs Tesla Model 3: Electric Car SHOWDOWN | 4K

Really good review from Rory Reid at Autotrader, Polestar 2 vs Tesla Model 3. Watch it here

#polestar #tesla #evcharging #evs #electriccar #cieloelectric

Which is the best electric car on sale today? Tesla Model 3? Polestar 2? Rory Reid reviews both, back to back to see which offers the best performance, inter…

1 day ago

Kia: Seven New Dedicated BEVs By 2027

Kia is raising the bar on EV development, with 7 new EV’s in the pipeline. Read more about this announcement here:


#kia #electricvehicles #evs #evcharging

Kia announced new details of its business transformation plan to become a leading EV brand. Electrification is the biggest task ahead of the company.

2 days ago

Nikola rebuts fraud claims but acknowledges that its truck wasn’t driving itself

Regardless of the recent drama surrounding Nikola, the backing of GM is certainly a good foot up for this new company.

The company said there were “dozens” of inaccurate allegations in a report by a short-selling firm.

3 days ago

Here’s Your First Look at the Electric GMC Hummer’s Crab Walk Mode in Action

This is an interesting feature, possibly to make the vehicle more nimble on tight offroad trails. Maybe a bit of a gimmick?

The 1,000-hp truck will finally be revealed on October 20.

3 days ago

Amazon hands Mercedes-Benz its biggest electric vehicle order to date | Greenbiz

Hopefully this will propel the Mercedes Sprinter EV to mass production and availability throughout the world. There is a serious need for these vehicles in our market for trades and deliveries. Read

#mercedes #sprinter #electriccar #evs #evcharging #cieloelectric See more

The German auto giant is building 1,800 vehicles for the retail giant’s European operation and also signing onto the Climate Pledge.

4 days ago

2021 Lucid Air electric luxury sedan revealed: Quickest version costs $169,000

After last weeks official reveal of the Lucid Air, pricing and features are being published. What a beautiful vehicle! Read more here:

#lucid See more

Lucid has revealed pricing and feature info for its Air electric luxury sedan, which will start at about $80,000.

5 days ago

Uber targets all-electric rides by 2030, zero-emission platform by 2040

A very bold announcement from UBER which plans to be all electric by 2030!

Largely matching an initiative announced by Lyft earlier this year, Uber says that it will make nearly all its rides electric by 2030.

6 days ago

258. How Kent Rathwell created a zero emissions wild bird seed company – Carbon Plunk Pt. 1

This was a great feature on the founder of Sun Country Highway in Canada.
Watch it here:

#evcharging #evs #electricvehicles #cieloelectric

Years ago Kent Rathwell CEO of Sun Country Farms said something audacious – “My wife and I bought a birdseed company and I wanted to prove that you could hav…

1 week ago

Tesla Model 3 Bucks Trend of Electric Vehicles Depreciating Rapidly

Good to see the popularity of this vehicle is keeping the used prices propped up! Solid trends in the used market are important to the EV evolution and shows prospective buyers that EV’s are here to

#evcharging #resalevalue #evs #electriccar #cieloelectric See more

The average vehicle coming off a three-year lease has lost 52 percent of its value, but a Model 3 only loses about 10 percent, one study finds.

1 week ago

Elon Musk’s “Cybertruck” recreated by Bosnian company using Tesla, Ford truck

Want a Cybertruck with the fuel consumption of a Ford V8? Then call these guys!
Watch more here:

#cybertruck #electricvehicles #tesla #knockoff #evcharging

A Bosnian fan of both Ford trucks and Elon Musk’s Tesla could not just sit on his hands waiting for the electric carmaker to release its “Cybertruck,” expect…

The Tesla Charging Network is a huge advantage to an EV Purchase!

The Tesla Charging Network North America Disclaimer: While our team are certified Tesla installers, we do not consider ourselves “Tesla …
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Why CATL and Tesla’s Million Mile battery is a big deal?

We have been posting regular news about the collaboration, research and development of the million-mile battery by Tesla and Chinese …
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Charger Pilot Project and NRCAN / Hydro Funding Update

The Cielo Electric team recently completed a very interesting installation at a strata property in North Vancouver. This pilot project …
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