Massive Increase in BC EV sales this month!

May has been an incredible month for EV sales in British Columbia, probably the biggest in new EV sales to date. It was the perfect blend of conditions for prospective EV owners. To better understand why this is, I want to provide a breakdown of the current EV market influences and what I believe is on the horizon for EVs in BC.

Fuel prices: BC has recently experienced a run of the highest gas prices in North America. In some areas, regular ...

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Good References for EV Life Cycle Analysis

In recent weeks, there has been a significant increase in the amount of anti-electric vehicle press. The articles focus negatively on the total lifecycle emissions of electric vehicles manufacturing and the emissions spent to get these vehicles from manufacturing to recycling.

To the consumer; this negative messaging is carefully crafted to impact your buying choice and write off EV’s as having a dirty little secret no one dares to talk about.

Allow us to provide some solid information, on which to base ...

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Change in BCUC regulations Great for EV Charging Infrastructure

Last week we received excellent news; an update about the inquiry into the regulation of Electric Vehicle Charging, currently under review by the British Columbia Utilities Commission. This inquiry was established last January and has received a great deal of interest from the Electric Vehicle industry in BC.

The inquiry was set up to review the regulation surrounding EV charging services in our province, explore potential issues and finally establishing a regulatory framework for private entities offering EV charging as a ...

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Solar Projects Shine in Hawaii

I have recently read a number of articles about solar projects, under construction and being completed in the Hawaiian Islands. The island that has been getting a lot of press recently is Kauai. Also known as the Garden Isle; this island is especially beautiful and suited to travellers that are wanting a unique experience off the tourist track. There is only one main road that skirts the island, leaving a large gap on the north west side. This means you ...

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Electric Vehicles: Good for Business Fleets

In 2017, Cielo Electric acquired a silver Chevrolet BOLT EV as our primary work/commuter vehicle. We are proud to be a Diamond Member of the West Coast Electric Fleets Initiative, committing to electrify our business vehicles and lower our operating GHG emissions.

West Coast Electric Fleets is an initiative of the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC), a joint initiative of California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia to accelerate a vibrant, low-carbon economy on the West Coast. On October 28, 2013, the Governors ...

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