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Our team’s commitment to client satisfaction through safety, service, integrity, and teamwork is truly what makes our service a unique experience for all involved.

Our team has over a decade of experience and has worked with hundreds of residential and commercial property owners to install Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.  The team has specialized training and is actively involved in the Electric Vehicle community, both provincially and nationally.

The Province of British Columbia will introduce legislation in 2019, to phase in targets for the sale of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). This legislation will set targets of 10% ZEV sales by 2025, 30% by 2030, and 100% by 2040. This is an exciting time for electric transportation in our province, and as electric vehicle adoption rates rise, so does the need for a robust charging network for electric vehicle drivers.



Certifications and Professional Memberships

Tesla Energy Certified Installer

Canadian Red Seal Certified Electricians

CSA Solar Photovoltaics NOC 7241 Technicians

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program Certified

BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member

Technical Safety BC Field Safety Representative

BC Tesla Owners Club Member

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association Board Member

Condominium Home Owners Association of BC Member

Electric Mobility Canada Member

West Coast Electric Fleets Implementation Partners



Cielo Electric - BC Hydro PowerSmart Alliance Member
Cielo Electric - CSA certified solar photovoltaic systems tech
Cielo Electric - Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program
Cielo Electric - Red Seal Electrician
Cielo Electric - West Coast Electric Fleet Implementation Diamond Partner
Cielo Electric - Electric Mobility Canada Member
Cielo Electric - Technical Safety BC Representative

Why Our Customers Choose Us

We are experienced and knowledgeable in what we do.

We take pride in prioritizing safety and quality work.

We are responsive to customer inquiries, concerns and feedback.

We have extensive experience with the Provincial Charging Solution and Incentive program for single residential, commercial and strata properties.

Our team is actively involved in the Electric Vehicle community, working alongside stakeholders to develop programs and policies in local and provincial government.

Latest Updates

1 week ago
Electric-vehicle makers want to sell directly to Coloradans. Dealers say that’s a “solution in search of a problem.”

A major change in the way we have been buying cars is happening right now. Should automakers be allowed to sell direct to consumer? What does the future hold for brick and mortar new car dealerships?

Senate Bill 167 would let all makers of EVs, including Ford, sell their electric SUVs directly to customers, bypassing dealerships

1 week ago
Volvo Set To Challenge Tesla For Electric Car Supremacy

Its nice to think big and aim for Tesla, but Volvo has some serious catching up to do

Volvo has let the world know that it intends to challenge Tesla Motors for electric-vehicle supremacy. Can the Chinese-owned Swedish brand pull it off?

1 week ago
Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are Just Around The Corner

The OASIS at BCIT in Burnaby is a great example of combining solar to power electric vehicles. Even in our rainy part of the world...


More and more electric vehicles are coming to market. But the fueling infrastructure must expand, requiring fast and scalable solutions that are also clean and affordable — a dynamic that favors ... See more

1 week ago
Ford Mustang Mach-e UK Launch | Fully Charged

Really great episode of Fully Charged, The MachE looks awesome!

We were invited to attend the UK launch of the Mustang Mach-e at an event in Marble Arch, London. Would Fords new electric vehicle be a hit or miss with Robe...

1 week ago
Volkswagen ID.4 Prototype Spotted During Winter Tests

The ID4 will be coming to Canada!


A white prototype of the upcoming Volkswagen ID.4 was recently caught during winter testing, once again camouflaged with exterior parts from the Opel Grandland X.

1 week ago
UPDATE: Audi e-tron Tows GM EV1 504 Miles To Austin For Fully Charged LIVE

Can EV's tow, yes. Can they tow well? Audi and Fully Charged decided to find out a few weeks ago. Links to 2 different articles ... See more

EV advocate, advisor, and U.S. presenter of 'Fully Charged LIVE' piloted the Audi e-tron on its 504-mile trip from Tulsa, OK to Austin, TX.

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

Canadas Electric Highway from PetroCanada, was featured at this weeks GLOBE2020 sustainability innovation conference. They are really pushing ahead with this in a good way!

2 weeks ago
Hyundai will build electric vehicles with EV startup Canoo

Thats a great collaboration considering Hyundai has not made any big announcements on autonomous vehicles. That I know of.....


Not bad for a startup that rose from the ashes of Faraday Future.

2 weeks ago
A new electric pickup truck with a longer range than Tesla's Cybertruck will beat the hotly anticipated EV to market — check out the Badger

Nikola believes that Hydrogen Hybrids are the way to go. This is a good looking vehicle!

Nikola's Badger pickup truck has an estimated range of up to 600 miles and can hit 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

2 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

We are hiring a 3rd Year Electrical Apprentice to join our awesome team. Apply here: http://ow.ly/NX6Q50yjMUJ

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